Why Does My Shoulder Hurt

Why Does My Shoulder Hurt

There are many causes for shoulder blade pain, specifically for the left shoulder blade. Some of these causes include aging pains, sleeping wrong, pinched nerve, torn rotator cuff and even the flu or the common cold. You’re probably thinking “Give me a break already!” Many people who suffer off and on from shoulder blade pain would love a break. So let’s get down to the bottom of these mysterious causes. A common cause of left shoulder blade pain is simply the aging process. “Talk about your body falling apart huh!” Your joints and bones become weaker and more brittle as you get older. This makes them more susceptible to arthritis that can cause aches and pains. In this case your doctor will usually find a treatment considering the severity of pain. Sleeping on your shoulder wrong is another common cause of should blade pain. It causes the muscle to set wrong or make your shoulder feel out of place for a few days.

Shoulder Pain

In a research study it is theorized that people who sleep on their back like to be the center of attention. “Maybe we should start focusing all of the attention on ourselves in public situations.” The pain could subside if you take a hot bath. I personally have had some really bad shoulder pain due to sleeping wrong. In my case I was diagnosed muscle relaxers. You may receive pain in your shoulder due to a torn rotator cuff or even a subscapular sprain. These are more common among athletes and those who are physically active on a consistent basis. A torn rotator cuff or muscle can be fixed with surgery or physical therapy.  The question is “What in the world is a subscapular strain?” The subscapular muscle runs from the underside of the scapula to the front of the upper arm. It’s responsible for rotating the arm inward and is one of four rotator cuff muscles. “Now that we have studied the anatomy of our shoulder, let’s get down to business.” Athletes may experience a subscapular strain due to micro tears in their muscle fibers leading to shoulder blade pain. This usually happens to athletes who participate in a “throwing sport” such as baseball.

Shoulder Pain Relief

Your shoulder pain may present a pain that travels down your arm and a possible cause may be a pinched nerve. You may experience pain from muscle spasms caused from the nerve compression in your shoulder and back. Moving around could help relieve this pain, but if the nerve compression lasts for a long period you should then consult a doctor. This could mean permanent nerve damage. “Talk about getting on your nerves.” A more serious cause of shoulder pain can be a pancoast tumor. Pancoast tumors are also known as sulcus tumors. It’s a type of lung cancer that manifests in the lung’s upper lobes and can spread to neighboring tissues. The National Cancer Institute (NCL) – a division of the National Institutes of Health says, “The majority of pancoast tumors are non-small cell lung carcinomas.” These tumors are generally malignant which can invade the chest wall and other nearby structures leading to the destruction of shoulder nerves. Shoulder blade pain is a common symptom of a pancoast tumor especially among smokers. “Need I say more?”

The flu may be something you might not think to include with shoulder blade pain. “Well now you should!” It’s actually a common cause of mild shoulder blade pain. This is because of the bodily aches and pains caused by inflammation associated with illness and viruses. These pains may go away as the flu leaves the body, but using a hot compress or a heating and cooling gel may alleviate the pains at a faster rate.  As we’ve learned, shoulder blade pain can be a serious situation. It’s important to consult a doctor in case of repeat and longing shoulder pains. “Don’t dust off shoulder pain; it may be more serious than you think.”

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