What To Wear?!

What To Wear?!

Yes, readers, it’s true – I am ridiculously lucky enough to have won tickets to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert and picnic at Buckingham Palace in exactly two weeks time. *squeal!* I can’t even remember where I heard about it, but I got all my family to enter the ballot too, and somehow I actually won two tickets. Said tickets arrived in the post a couple of days ago, resulting in my excitement levels going up a notch – the envelope was from Buckingham Palace, the card is super thick, and the tickets are so shiny! All these little details just remind me how special this event is. And how lucky I am. And then how jealous my friends are. *feels bad for feeling smug*

Yup, it’s going to be one amazing day. I’m taking my lovely mother as my guest (I’m always looking for ways to return how much love and selflessness she’s always given me), and we are going to see performances by Jessie J, JLS, Robbie Williams, Ed Sheeran, Alfie Boe, Kylie Minogue, Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, Elton John, Cliff Richard, Annie Lennox and apparently many more! It blows my mind that not only am I going to get to see all these incredible artists, but I’m also going FOR FREE! Getting things for free is basically a constant aim for students, so this is a major win. The whole thing is being organised by Gary Barlow, so we know it’s going to be a cracker. The Queen is definitely going to be there (so much love for her), and if I see William, Kate or Harry, I may actually fall on the floor. I can hardly express why I love them so much, but that’s another blog post for another day.

I’m also super excited because everyone gets a Jubilee picnic hamperwhich is being made by Heston Blumenthal (he’s probably not personally making the food, but still.) It sounds de-lish too. We’re talking English Country Veg soup, “Jubilee Chicken” (a twist on Coronation chicken), “Sandringham Strawberry Crumble Crunch” and much more. But the real issue I’m currently faced with is quite a dilemma indeed: WHAT ON EARTH DO I WEAR!? Obviously I’m going to have to go super patriotic – Union Jacks a-plenty. But at the same time I want to look chic and stylish. The tacky tourist look is so not ideal. And then there’s bloody British weather to contend with. The event starts in the afternoon and goes on into the night, so I’m going to need to keep warm. If it rains I may just cry. Actually, I will buy a pair of Union Jack wellies, an umbrella and cagoule and carry on singing along with gleeful joy.I do have my eye on this gorge number from Next:

What do you think? For £35 I’m really quite tempted, even though they don’t offer a student discount. Grrrr. To be honest I’m just absolutely LOVING how Jubilee crazy the country has gone right now. Memorabilia in every shop, bunting down the streets and Union Jacks on everything. And I’m definitely going to jump on the bandwagon myself. I saw this gorgeous mug in a little gift shop the other day, and think I may have to go back and treat myself. After all, we’re not going to live through another Diamond Jubilee, are we? All I want to do is bake patriotic cakes, drink Pimms and stick Union Jack flags everywhere.

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