Retail Therapy: My Spring Shopping!

Retail Therapy: My Spring Shopping!

Retail therapy is called “therapy” for a reason. It sure does make a gal feel better, and I sure as hell do crave shopping when I haven’t gone for a few weeks. Heck, when I don’t manage to go for months I get some serious withdrawal symptoms! So after finally managing to hit the high-street last weekend, I am one happy girlie. Sure, maybe my wallet is a smidge lighter, and my bank account is, well, less full, but the joy is totally worth it, I’m sure you’ll agree? It may be completely materialistic, and yes, I know, “Money can’t buy you happiness blah-de-blah-de-blah“. But quite frankly, my lovely purchases have made me happy. There’s nothing like getting a good bargain, finding something that fits as if it was made for you, or is perfect for a certain occasion, then wearing your new purchases for the first time, and getting compliments on your gorgeous new blouse/shoes/earrings (delete as appropriate). And I’d done a long waitressing shift the night before, so it’s fine. *She says, convincing and reassuring herself*.

As my luck would have it, not one of the things I bought are featured online on any of the shop’s websites, which just proves that you have to get off your bum and go to town (literally) to find what you really want. I must apologise for the quality of my pictures – everything looks a kajillion times better in real life, I swear! But here are some of the things (amongst a few cheeky others…) I treated myself to :

I got a gorgeous high-waisted, slightly A-line, denim skirt with a plaited, tan, leather belt round the waist from Topshop. There are quite a lot of these on the high-street at the mo, and I’d tried on a few in some other shops with little success in the fitting department. Topshop’s however, despite being a smidgen more pricey (even with the ole student discount!) at £35, is perfection, and I can see myself living in this skirt for the upcoming months – even if it is over tights for a while yet! A plain denim skirt is a classic wardrobe staple, and I didn’t have one that fitted me anymore (one of the downsides to losing weight).

A few weeks ago I came across some beautiful earrings in Accessorize, but didn’t buy them. I really regretted that, and so this time made the effort to go and make the purchase (keeping my fingers crossed that they were still there! Don’t you hate it when you go back to a shop to get something and find it’s gone?! Damn how quickly stock comes and goes.) Luckily, they were still there… but even better: Accessorize now do a student discount! Huzzah! (Hopefully River Island and H&M will jump on the bandwagon next) So my £8 earrings only cost me £7.20 – Hey, as that supermarket says (I can’t even remember which one… great advertising eh?), every little helps!

Nipping into Primark, I wasn’t sure what to expect. People have told me I have “the Primark eye” – that is, I tend to be able to find the good stuff amongst, well, the rubbish. I hadn’t been in for a while, and so was hoping I hadn’t lost my gift – it really is great when people are gobsmacked that something I’m wearing is a find from none other than ole Prime. I came away (along with the rest of the world – Saturday afternoon + Primark = bad combo) with a beautiful pink, rose-print blouse. Perfecto for Spring! (And equally perfecto for my impending student debt.)

I do love a bit of River Island (particularly their new Chelsea Girl retro section), and was pleased to find this vintagey looking top. It’s loose and light so looks lovely tucked into a fitted high-waisted skirt, but equally great over skinny trousers. Versatility – that’s what we like to see! It’s usually £25 (but, to be honest, I wouldn’t have paid that much), but was one of River Island’s “Star Buys” so had been reduced to £12! Me likey lotsy.

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