Modern Hairstyles For Men

Modern Hairstyles For Men

Fashion and style are two words that are constantly changing its definition. You will notice that whether its clothes or accessories or something as simple as hairstyles you will need to keep up with the latest if you want to maintain a trendy look. Every year calls for a defined style statement in every aspect of fashion products and grooming trends which is quite an important factor for those who are conscious about their looks and appearance.

To make heads turn, it is not only essential to wear good clothes and accessories but also groom your skin and hair. Only a complete look will help you to make heads turn successfully. Talking about hairstyles, there are different types that you can get a hang of. Hairstyles are as significant for men as it is for women. Some men prefer to opt for the classy look whereas some are really flattered by the modern outlook.

This will solely depend upon the kind of appearance you want and the one you are most comfortable in. Here in this fashion guide for men, we mention the top notch modern hairstyles for men in the year 2012. This will help you make better decisions if you are someone who loves modern hairstyles and cuts. It will also broaden your knowledge about the topic. Check them out-

Men’s Modern Hairstyles Guide

Casual Slick

The first and the foremost thing that you need to know is that the casual slick will best suit people who have a narrow face. This is simply because it helps in putting emphasis on the jaw line and adds weight to the face. Again, it is important to mention here that this modern hairstyle works wonders for men who are looking for that soft, boyish and textured look rather than that bold, attitude and solid appearance.

One of the main benefits of opting for a casual slick is that it is very easy to maintain. You won’t have any troubles in washing and wearing the style whenever you step out of the house. For a more groomed look as required in formal setting, a dry paste or gel can be used to get a tailored, black tie look.

Modern Double Slick

A double slick hairstyle is supposedly to be worn as a classy look but then with some effort you can add a twist of modernity to it. The double slick cut has long hair on the top as compared to hair at the sides. It is one hairstyle that best suits people who have straight hair. You can use some styling gel on the hair and work your fingers on them to get that modern and stylish image. It will solely depend upon your creativity on how you carry the look in a modern way. Though it belongs to the 20th century, it is still very much a part of the 2012 modern hairstyles for men and quite possibly in the years to come.

Shattered Crop Modern Look

Shattered Crop is believed to be a true friend for those men who have that self confidence and attitude to carry them in public. Also, it belongs to men who are completely fashion conscious and aware of all the changes taking place. The untidy look of this hairstyle is not something that every personality can carry.

The crop is textured in nature and gives you a free look that can move on any of the sides. The maintenance calls for regular shampooing and conditioning. For that edgy look, you can use a dry paste on the hair. It will also add grit to the hairstyle. Use your fingers to get the look you want once the dry paste has been uniformly applied.

Chopped Crop Hairstyle

Talking about the modern chopped crop, you should just forget the hairstyle if you have a round shaped face. One of the advantages that can be considered here is the simplicity of the cut. However, if you want spikes, that can be added using a styling gel. Also, it can be dressed according to the occasion.

For a more formal look you can use dry paste to comb back the hair whereas for a casual one you can keep it edgy and with spikes. Talking about the maintenance, regular wash and nourishment is all that it needs and you can dry it just in a normal way. Wet look can be attained by using wet styling hair gel easily available in the market.

Rockabilly Hairstyle for Men

Those who have a strong and solid jaw line can opt for Rockabilly without giving any second thoughts. It will provide the man with the sharp look they are aiming at and also add a hint of drama to the face. Make sure that you opt for a little longer hair rather than getting it cut too short which will spoil the essence of Rockabilly style.

To keep the hairstyle in perfect shape it will need maintenance and trimming every end of the month. To style it in a formal way you can use some hair gel after drying in backwards with a dryer. For casual, straight blow dry is the best option in the sideways direction. Those who love to keep their hair on the very shorter side; the short buzz is the perfect style that can have a modern approach to it. If you are your stylist to apply asymmetrical designs to your short buzz hair cut it can have quite a trendy take to it. This will give it an out of the box and stylish look and also catch the eye of people around you. A lot of famous celebrities opt for short buzz in either modern or classy style.

Indie- Rock Front

This year 2012, Indie-Rock front style can be deviated into a modern way and you would love to know that women like running their fingers through this hair style.

Your creativity can be used to create different variants and you should choose different hair products for that. Keep a good quality styling gel and volume adding mousse handy so that you can create something novel of your hair style every time you got to attend an occasion.

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