Water Fed Pole Cleaning – Good Or Bad?

Water Fed Pole Cleaning – Good Or Bad?

One of the newest innovations in window cleaning is water fed pole cleaning. As a result, some window cleaners changed their entire operation. The water fed pole has many advantages, but it also has some disadvantages.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of water fed pole cleaning?

What Is The Water Fed Pole System (WFP)?

Water fed poles are a system consisting of a pump, an expandable pole with a cleaning brush, and a pole. The hose runs the entire length of the tube. The water that is pumped into the hose, and then through the brush, shoots out with a high pressure similar to pressure washers. The technician can easily control the water flow.

Window cleaning technicians use a wet brush and special deionized purified water to clean windows.

The Secret? Purified water & a wet brush.

Water is all that’s needed to remove the dirt from your window. The water will break the seal between the dirt and the window, allowing it to be easily brushed off and washed away with purified water.

Purified water leaves no streaks.

Purified water does not contain any minerals, which can leave a residue on the glass or cause it to look chalky. The window will dry streak free and sparkling. The pole can be extended up to 70 feet, allowing cleaning technicians on the ground to safely and easily reach skylights, second story windows, or taller windows.

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaners: Benefits And Advantages.

Window cleaners can clean windows as high as 70 feet without using a ladder. This makes window cleaning safer for technicians who are trained to move safely and comfortably on a ladder.

Easy to transport

Transporting a water fed pole system is also easy. The entire system fits on a small cart, which can be wheeled in tight spaces. It is ideal for cleaning windows that are hard to reach. The technician can clean windows in apartment buildings, houses built on narrow streets, and homes with very limited space. This is because a water fed pole system eliminates the need for a ladder or truck.

Safety is improved

It can be dangerous to place tall ladders around the home if the ground is sloped. A technician can use this system to clean skylights or upper floor windows that are taller than the average window. This eliminates the need for a dangerous ladder. It allows more homeowners to have their windows safely and quickly cleaned.

Workers can finish the job faster and without risk by using a water fed pole system. Window cleaning companies can save time and money by using a water fed pole system.

Faster window cleaning

A water fed pole system can reduce the time required to clean your windows by as much as 60%. If you are planning an event such as a graduation, birthday, or barbecue party and want your home to look its best for the occasion, a technician can clean your windows in one day using this technology.

It’s not just windows

The water fed pole cleaning system can also safely remove dirt and debris in the window frame, small cracks, and crevices. This ensures that not only the glass but the entire area surrounding the window are clean.

No soap or cleaning chemicals

Water fed poles are also great because they don’t require soap or chemicals to clean the glass. This means that there will be no soapy or toxic residues that could harm your children or pets. Since no soap is needed, there is no risk of soap residues dripping onto the siding of your home or other windows which have been recently cleaned.

This system only uses purified water.

Water fed pole systems use only high intensity purified water to clean. Purified water is free of chemicals and minerals, unlike tap water. Unpurified water can leave streaks of chalk on windows if it is cleaned with this water. Purified water is pumped at high pressure through the brush.

Use a wet brush to clean the windows. Water loosens the dirt on the windows and is then rinsed off. Purified water will leave windows looking sparkling clean. It won’t leave any residue that could make them look streaky or chalky.

The Disadvantages Of A Water fed Pole Window Cleaning System.

Water fed window cleaning pole systems are not that bad for cleaning the exterior windows of homes.

It’s difficult to clean windows that are oily or greasy.

The water cleaning system will not work on windows with oily deposits because soap is required to break down the oil. Most homeowners do not have a lot of oily residue on their windows, so a water fed pole system will work just fine.

The system is expensive to rent or purchase.

These systems can also be costly. This simply means that homeowners will save money by hiring a professional company with a water fed pole system.

There are no negative effects for homeowners when a reputable company cleans exterior windows using a water fed pole system. Water fed poles make it possible for technicians with experience to clean the exterior windows of a home. This includes high story windows and skylights, all without the use of soaps or chemicals that could leave streaks. The plants, children, and pets are safe, and the home looks great with sparkling clean windows.

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