How Often Should I Get My Oven Professionally Cleaned?

How Often Should I Get My Oven Professionally Cleaned?

How often should I get my oven professionally cleaned? If this is your first visit, you are probably wondering about one of the greatest mysteries in life: how frequently should you have your oven professionally cleaned? I am a professional oven cleaner who has years of experience and plenty of oven grime under her belt.

The six-month rule: A good starting point.

We have a rule that is as reliable as an oven-cleaning professional every six months. This is not just a clever trick to keep oven cleaners busy. A regular professional cleaning can do wonders for the lifespan, efficiency, and taste of your oven. A clean oven could be the key to your culinary success.

Factors that could call for more frequent cleaning.

The six-month cleaning guideline is an excellent starting point. However, there are several factors that may encourage you to clean more frequently.

1. Use of your Oven

You may need to hire a professional cleaner more often if your oven is used more than a contestant in ‘The Great British Bake Off.’ You won’t have to clean your oven as much if you don’t use it too often.

2. Your culinary tastes

Do you like pizzas that bubble and ooze cheese or roasts that sizzle? Grease and food particles can build up faster when you cook foods that splatter, bubble, or sputter. You might consider hiring a professional to clean your kitchen every three to four months if you tend to cook these dishes.

3. The self-cleaning oven function

Modern ovens are equipped with self-cleaning functions. This can be a good way to maintain your oven in between professional cleanings. However, it is not a substitute for a thorough cleaning. Even if you use the self-cleaning feature regularly, it’s still worth getting a professional to clean your oven every six months.

Regular professional cleaning has many benefits.

Regular professional oven cleaning in london doesn’t only make your oven shine like a brand-new penny. This can improve your oven’s efficiency, reduce the chance of fire and remove harmful bacteria. It’s also a great feeling to see your oven restored back to its former glory.


We recommend that you have your oven cleaned professionally at least every six months. Depending on how often you use your oven and what you cook, it may be necessary to clean more frequently. A happy oven will make a cook happy. Why not give your oven and yourself a professional cleaning? Your oven (and taste buds) will be grateful! Enjoy your cooking!

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