Understanding Different Fitness Professions

Understanding Different Fitness Professions

When it comes to the fitness industry, people are often left confused. Unless you work in the industry, you would not know to make heads and tails of all the different professions in this sector. For most people out there, the fine line between a personal trainer and fitness coach is blurred. To ease your confusion, this article defines different fitness professions that help us stay fit. 

Gym Instructor

Gym instructors are usually employed by a gym (unless they own it) to train the newcomers. They show how to use the various equipment, assess the fitness of the member, chart a regime based on client goals, and observe and assist members as they work out. With the requisite qualification, they may also conduct group exercises. 

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer or PT Newcastle and the world’s most common fitness professional, are the ones that offer us customized weight loss regimes. The plan they chart tends to factor in the client’s goals, stress points, preferences, and safety. As such, a lot more people rely on them to achieve their ideal weight and maintain their health. 


It is a well-known fact that proper nutrition is 80% of fitness. Therefore, a dietician plays a huge role in our weight loss or gain path. In most cases, gyms have an in-house nutritionist that chart the diet plan for its members. However, you will also find dieticians working independently. 

Strength and Conditioning Specialist

A certified strength and conditioning specialist applies scientific knowledge to guide their clients on their path to fitness. One needs to attain a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification before they can practice. Many personal trainers get this qualification to improve their craft and credibility. 

Physical Therapist

Physical therapists are the heroes that come to your rescue when you sprain your ankle or otherwise hurt yourself during a workout. They are also the angels who make sure individuals recuperate after major accidents. Many gyms and every athlete has an appointed physical therapist to help in times of injury or strain. 

Fitness Coach

A fitness coach is similar to a personal trainer. Like a PT, they provide customized fitness solutions. However, the difference between the two is the more personal and understanding approach of the latter. A fitness coach not only focuses on achieving the client’s goals but also the most effective and safe way to get there. They go to the root a problem one may face while exercising. 


Regardless of their titles and roles, all the fitness professionals have one aim– their client’s health. However, knowing the difference between each profession will help you find the best and right professional for you. Finding the right trainer, therapist, or coach can make all the difference between failed regimes and successful weight loss

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