How Crash Diets Harm your Health

How Crash Diets Harm your Health

Crash diet  is a diet in which some one restrict itself of calorie intake. It makes a person to starve. It is very ill advised weight loss method.It deprives a person to take efficient calories and nutrients that are necessary for health. Numerous programs make a person to loose unwanted fats in very high speed which is known as crash dieting. There is very high risk generated to the body when a person is on crash dieting. It makes a person nutritional inefficient. I also creates the serious eating problems to a person with crash dieting.

A person suffering from the effects of crash dieting becomes moody.It also causes the liver disinfectant. A person with crash dieting  feels symptoms like  headache, irritation, dizziness, nausea and diarrhea. It also causes gas pain.

Other problems occurred due to crash dieting

  • Makes your metabolism slow.
  • Body did not get important vitamins and nutrients to work properly.
  • Intake of protein and fat is increased.
  • Saturated fat raises cholesterol.
  • Increase heart rate .

So let’s have a look how crash diet isn’t healthy  solution. There are some side effects of crash dieting

Effect on Behaviour

Very first and foremost side effect of crash diet is that it makes dieter moody, irritable, tired because the body did not get appropriate nutrients. It also leads to depression and eating disorders.

Effect on Health

Crash diet effects the health very badly. There is very risk to health if a person is on crash dieting. There are two types of risk related to it. One is short term and second one is long term. Short term risk is related to nutritional deficiency. Long term risk includes osteoporosis. It means the body finishes calcium from bones . There may be brain, heart, kidney and other body organs damage.

Effect on metabolism

The more you lose weight by starving, the more your metabolism slows. When a person is on crash diet, the body feels you are starving which causes lowering the metabolism that burns few calories. If your metabolism has become slower and when you start eating the more weight you will gain.

Effect on vital organs

Crash diet are very harmful for vital organs of body including kidneys, heart, liver and brain. Vital organs need energy to perform daily act. They specially need the carbohydrate you intake but when a person is doing crash diet it lowers the carbohydrate and calories. This causes vital organs to burn muscle tissue to get energy so that they perform functions.

This can cause very serious problems as like –

  • Kidney failure
  • Heart Attack
  • Liver failure
  • And many more
  • If you want to loose some weight then avoid crash diet and lose weight in a healthy way.
  • Always consult your doctor before starting any method of loosing weight.
  • Do not decrease calories fastly and quickly

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