Best Stunning Diaper Cakes Anyone Can Make

Best Stunning Diaper Cakes Anyone Can Make

It’s great to buy a baby shower diaper cake as a gift for the mom-to-be. But it is truly awesome when you make one yourself — she knows you’ve put your creativity and energy into making a special gift for her and the baby! The big plus point with a baby shower diaper cake is that they give the expectant mommy a bunch of essential baby stuff at one go. Plus, they look stunning — because of their special arrangement, they have a presence that other gifts lack. First things first. You need to go shopping before you can make a diaper cake. Here is your shopping list. 

Diaper Cakes For Baby Shower

What’s the most essential ingredient in a diaper cake? Diapers, of course! You need about 50-55 diapers in total. This number can vary depending on the size of your cake. The next thing you need is a base for your cake. This can be a platter made of metal or stiff cardboard. Get hold of one that is around 15-16 inches. You need about 10 feet of ribbon (width around 1 ti 1.25 inches). You also need about 60 to 80 feet of narrow ribbon. The cake needs a focal point — a baby bottle can be a good choice for this purpose. Buy small candies you can fill the bottle with. More baby gift items — booties, socks, blankets, rattles, pacifiers, bibs, etc. 

For the packaging — clear cellophane and adhesive tape. So now you have all the ingredients necessary to make a baby shower diaper cake. You now have two choices — you can either follow the instructions below by yourself (not too difficult) or you can get someone to help you. We suggest the latter — making a cake is much more fun with someone for company. 

Tie the Diapers into Rolls 

Roll each diaper separately and tie them individually using lengths of narrow ribbon. Cut the ribbon into one-foot lengths for this purpose. This is the most time-consuming part of the process — you may wish to spread the task out over more than one sitting if you are doing it alone. 

Create Tiers Using the Diapers 

Use the candies to fill up the baby bottle. Place the bottle on a table and arrange about 5-7 rolled diapers around them in a standing position. Ensure that the diapers are packed closely together and use the narrow ribbon to tie them together. This will form the top tier of the baby shower cake. You can use about 13-18 rolled diapers to create the cake’s middle tier. It’s fairly simple. Stand one diaper in the center and arrange a few diapers around it in a tightly packed circle. Secure the arrangement with a narrow ribbon. Then stand more diapers around this and tie up the whole thing again using the narrow ribbon. You have finished the second tier of the cake. Make the third layer of the shower cake in the same manner using about 24-33 diapers. We’re almost done here.

The first step is to lock the biggest diaper tier onto the platter. Just stick pieces of adhesive tape to the underside of the largest tier and position it on the platter. Take care to not overuse adhesive tape or else the diapers tend to become unusable. Repeat the process to secure the other two tiers of the diaper cake. Once this is done, place all the other baby items you bought onto the three tiers and around them. Tuck them into the ribbons around the cake tiers. Use more ribbons where necessary to secure the baby items. The last step is the cellophane packaging. Spread the cellophane sheet on a table and place the cake in its center. Bunch the sheet around the cake and use colorful ribbons to tie it together at the top. You may want to artistically cut up the top portion of the cellophane to give it an outstanding look. 

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