Best Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

Best Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

Cancer is a very chronic disease. It can cause a person to death also. A person should be aware of the causes happening to its body. He or she must be aware of all the problems faced by their body. There are different types of cancers and their signs and symptoms are also different. Cancer sign are not be seen in the body in the initial stage.


A sign is a signal that can be seen or noticed by somebody else. That person may be your loved one, a doctor, a nurse or any health care professional. Cancer is a group of chronic diseases that can cause any cancer sign or symptom. These cancer signs depends upon the area where cancer is in the body. And these cancer sign also depends upon how big it is, and how much it is affecting the organs and tissues of the body.

These cancer sign are shown when any type of cancer reaches to its major stage. It is important to be aware of the unexplained changes happening to the body. Cancer sign like such as the sudden appearance of a lump, bleeding in urine and if there is change to your regular bowel habits. If cancer has spread through the body it will show the cancer sign and symptoms throughout the body. As cancer grows it will effects the nearby organs, blood vessels and nerves. This will  cause some of  cancer sign and symptoms. If the cancer is in the critical part as like in some parts of brain then the smaller tumor can cause cancer sign.

Cancer Sign and Symptoms  

Every person should know some of the cancer sign and symptoms. Always remember having all these signs doesnot means you have cancer or not. There are other diseases that can cause these symptoms. If you are suffering from these symptoms from very long time then you should have to consult your doctor for the reference that what’s wrong with this.

Here are some of the symptoms and cancer sign

If a person is suffering through cancer he or she will loss weight at some point. When a person loses weight for some extent without any cause or because of not known reason it is known as unexplained weight loss. The first sign of cancer is losing ten pounds or more weight.This is the cancer sign of some of the particular cancers like stomach, pancreas, esophagus, or lungs.

Coughing, chest pain and breathlessness

If you have cough from more than three weeks then you have to consult doctor immediately. Signs like shortness of breathe or having chest pain may be a sign of severe condition like pneumonia.


Fever is the main sign of cancer. It only happens when the cancer has spread to an instant from where it has started. Almost all persons who are suffering from cancer will suffer from fever at some point of time. Especially fever occurs when it effects the immune system of a body. When it effects the immune system of a body then body becomes unable to fight with diseases or infections. Fever may be the early symptom or sign of cancer like blood cancers such as leukemia or lymphoma.

Changes in regular bowel habits

  • If a person feels changes in its bowel habits. It should consult to its doctor.
  • Blood in stools.
  • Diarrhea or constipation without any reason.
  • Pain in anus or in abdomen.
  • Persistent bloating.


  • It is the main cause of cancer or we can say it is the cancer sign to tell that is a person is suffering from cancer.
  • Bleeding between periods.
  • Blood in urine.
  • Blood from anus.
  • Blood when have cough.
  • Blood during vomit.


Another cancer sign is the mole on the body and that mole has irregular or asymmetrical shape. It may also have irregular border with jagged edges. It is the main cancer sign if a mole has more than one color. Cancer will infect you if a mole is bigger than 7 mm in diameter. And the main sign of cancer through mole is if it has itching, or bleeding.


Breathlessness is also the sign of cancer. If you feel breathless from the usual breathe then consult your doctor immediately.

Unusual swelling or lump at any part of the body

If a person is having unusual swelling or  lump at any part of the body then it must be taken seriously. It include neck, armpit, stomach, chest, breast. This is the cancer sign.

Pain or ache that is unexplained

Through pain our body tells us that something is going wrong. As our body grows older the pain that we faces tells us the problems in body. But if somebody have unexplained pain or the pain that comes and goes every week or more than a week then consult your doctor immediately.

Problems peeing

Urination can cause the peeing urgently. It becomes unable to go when you want to go and feels pain when its releases. This is the frequent cause or cancer sign.

Persistent cough

Coughs are always common with the cold. But if a cough remains for atleast four weeks kindly appoint your doctor for the instructions.

Coughing up blood

If you have cough and having blood in it no matter how much or which color of blood is it. Kindly consult the doctor because it is the main cancer sign.

Unusual breast changes

If your breast changes in shape, size or having lumps these are the main cancer signs. If there is change in the skin color of breast, redness or pain in breast, there is change in nipple or any fluid is coming out of the breast of a woman who is not pregnant or not feeding milk to the baby.

Heavy night sweats

Sweating in the night can cause by infections or it may be from the side effects of the certain medications. It is experienced by the women during menopause. But if having heavy night sweats then it is the cancer sign. It must be checked out by the doctor.

Mouth or tongue ulcer that won’t heal

Whenever our body is down it is common to have ulcers in our mouth. The mouth lining makes it refill after a specific time but if an ulcer is not renews after 3 weeks then it may be a cancer sign. It should be immediately reported to the doctor.

Sore that won’t heel

Our body generally repairs itself quickly when there is any sore within a week. When a spot, sore or wart does not heal after several weeks even if it is pain less kindly consult to the doctor.

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